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Having delivered £7m in savings since 2019, we can help you understand and optimise the sustainability and performance of your company’s buildings and facilities – using data and technology to create smart buildings.

Drive more sustainable performance

Our optimisation services combine data expertise and ‘smart building’ technology, to unlock maximum value for your business, people and buildings. We deploy our secure, non-invasive technology to continuously monitor key performance data across your entire building portfolio, helping you to understand and optimise energy performance to create an enhanced environment. Together we can drive cost savings, pinpoint key issues, and optimise the building and workplace experience for all of your occupants and guests.


We help you understand and optimise the sustainability and performance of your company’s buildings and facilities – using data and technology to create smart buildings.

Fresh approaches to optimisation

We work closely with you to audit, monitor and analyse the performance of your facilities – and help you achieve continuous improvement.

• Standard energy audit
• Smart energy audit
• ESOS compliance
• Smart Buildings programme
• ADAPT data platform

Our clients

Driving value and performance

Our Smart Buildings programme offers a uniquely holistic approach to building performance. Whatever the size and complexity of your portfolio, our CIBSE award winning team helps you deliver measurable benefits that achieve not only energy efficiency, but also improved wellbeing and brand value, all within a single integrated programme.

We provide the full picture of workspace performance, continuously monitoring comfort conditions and plant operation in real-time. To deliver immediate improvements, our engineers leverage the data to give your team a clear plan of action. Then, to achieve long term optimisation, we deliver an ongoing managed service with detailed analytics, collaboration and verified energy savings

Our unique end-to-end data platform ADAPT supports your optimisation programme, bringing together all your data sets in one place via secure online dashboards and our Smart Buildings mobile app.

Enhance your brand sustainability

Enable a best-in-class sustainability programme, demonstrating positive impact on wellbeing, carbon savings, and energy efficiency for your investors and your annual report.

Improve the workplace experience for your people

Unlock the benefits of a more comfortable and productive workplace or building environment for your staff, tenants and guests.

Reduce cost with optimised facilities

Reduce operating cost, service charges and maintenance callouts with substantial performance benefits for your building and equipment.

Evaluate Your Building’s Performance

Assess the impact of your building’s performance on your people, reputation and bottom line with our calculator.

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Optimisation leader

Jamie Oliver

Senior Energy Performance Consultant

Motivation for sustainability
I am inspired by helping clients solve challenging problems and Carbon Intelligence gives me the opportunity to do that with a global reach.

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