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We place data at the heart of everything we do, giving you transformative visibility into your company’s GHG emissions throughout your value-chain. Our programme builds trust in your data, creating the confidence that underpins effective decision-making.

Data insights for greater impact

With Insights from 45,000 buildings, we provide specialist data services which streamline data collection, management and analytics. We help you build trust in your data, allowing you to make impactful decisions with confidence.


View all your data in one place

To manage and analyse your sustainability data efficiently, we have developed the Ci platform – our unique end-to-end data management and visualisation platform, which brings together all your data sets in one place.

The platform makes it easy to collect data and view visualisations that provide a comprehensive view of your data that is easy to access and interpret.


Making data management simpler

Reduce time, effort and costs by streamlining the collection, management, and reporting of your data. We give you confidence in your data through our rigorous approach to data integrity.

  • Gain one version of the truth
  • View all your data in one place
  • Tailor outputs for SFDR, GRESB, SECR, REEB, annual reporting and more
  • Increase efficiency in your processes

Our clients

Driving value from your data

Trusted, high-quality data is vital to support a successful sustainability programme. But it’s also increasingly clear that this data can be an untapped source of business value. We help you use data to both build and drive the case for sustainability in your organisation, and demonstrate the value of these initiatives to your wider stakeholders.

Together we can standardise your workflows and define how data is collected. We help you build trust in your data, so you are empowered to make decisions based on evidence.

We deliver our data services through our trusted platform – with clear data visualisations that provide a comprehensive view of your data that is easy to access and interpret.

Your trusted data partner

We help you gain ‘one version of the truth’ that all your team agree on and trust – by aggregating multiple data sets to provide the most accurate picture of your performance. Our approach allows you to move the conversation on from data quality to focus on driving performance improvements.

Data visibility and transparency

Improving the visibility and transparency of your sustainability data builds confidence and reduces regulatory compliance risks. It can also enable the identification of carbon reduction opportunities that may have been missed or overlooked.

Data confidence to guide decisions

With increased trust in your own data, your organisation is empowered to make more informed sustainability decisions and accelerate change.

Data Experts

Phil Warren

Associate Director

Motivation for sustainability
The reason I work for Carbon Intelligence is so I can work with some of the largest and most complex organisations in the UK to support them through a transition to a zero-carbon world.

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