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Take control of your supply chain

Manage, track, and reduce supply chain emissions with the Carbon Intelligence platform and accelerate your journey to net zero.

Better data for faster progress

For many companies supply chain emissions are the most complex group of emissions to tackle. They can make up to 90% of total emissions, but getting an accurate representation of your supplier’s footprint is often a lengthy and costly process. The Carbon Intelligence platform helps you overcome the challenge of calculating, verifying, and improving your supply chain emissions.

Our platform allows you to capture and visualise thousands of emissions data points. Engage directly with your suppliers and ensure you have high-quality data for your reporting. Real-time dashboards will highlight exactly where your emissions sit and how they are changing.

The Carbon Intelligence platform uses a pioneering approach that applies transparent, data quality measures so you can work from real data instead of benchmarks or ratings. Take immediate action to reach sustainability goals faster and reduce your offset liabilities.

With Carbon Intelligence, decarbonisation opportunities become clearer and future goals more achievable”