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Responsible Investor webinar – Net Zero for Asset Managers: An Actionable Roadmap

By Hannah Morris
7th April 2022

Asset managers are under increasing pressure to set net zero targets and many who have already set targets are not sure how to achieve them. In this webinar experts from Carbon Intelligence will discuss how to select the right net zero commitment for your firm and offer recommendations for navigating the key questions when defining your net zero target such as: what percentage of AUM should be included within your initial target, how you can best address data quality and coverage issues and typical implications for portfolios once targets are set. You will come away with tips on where to start, the options available and key considerations for preparing the business case.

Carbon Intelligence experts Caroline Clarke and Vanessa Sheehan will share advice and talk to Ashish Ray and Andrew Mortimer from Jupiter Asset Management about their experience of setting a roadmap for their firm in this Responsible Investor webinar.


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  • How to choose the right Net Zero commitment for your firm. Selecting your framework and roadmap
  • Once chosen, what are the key considerations for defining your Net Zero target?
  • How to tackle portfolio emissions and manage your data
  • Alignment across the firm. Ensuring operational management and investment teams are pulling in the same direction
  • Implications of setting your target


  • Vanessa Sheehan, Principal Consultant, Carbon Intelligence
  • Ashish Ray, Head of Stewardship, Jupiter Asset Management
  • Andrew Mortimer, ESG Investment Director, Jupiter Asset Management
  • Moderated by Caroline Clarke, Commercial Director of Financial Services, Carbon Intelligence