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Technology & Telecoms

The sustainability agenda for technology and telecommunications companies is moving beyond regulatory compliance. Your business is under increasing scrutiny and pressure from customers, investors, media and the public to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions. But how do you balance this with the demands of energy-intensive industry and the need for the latest datacentre technology and extensive network infrastructure? We can help your tech business meet its new sustainability challenges and move towards a net-zero carbon emissions future.

Organisations in the tech and telecoms sector need to build greater trust, credibility and positive public perception that they are doing more around sustainability. Large tech and telecoms brands are increasingly aligning to The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and declaring a stance on issues. Disclosure is a key part of any sustainability programme, and we have helped some of the largest companies in the world with voluntary and mandatory reporting. We can ensure your compliance with Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting, helping your company to navigate TCFD, CDP and more.

Together we can move beyond compliance to set a science-based target – and put a strategy in place to help you get there. Our Scope 3 reporting services and software help you understand the carbon footprint of your entire value chain. We can then help you reach your target by optimising your energy performance across your organisation. Our data services and platform make it simpler to collect, manage, analyse and visualise all your sustainability data in one single view. We also help you engage and communicate with staff, customers, investors and media throughout your sustainability journey.

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We help you optimise the sustainability and performance of your company’s buildings.

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Kirsty McKell

Associate Director

Motivation for sustainability
I am passionate about action on climate change. Working at Carbon Intelligence I can leverage this passion to drive sustainability within corporations and have a direct impact on achieving a zero-carbon economy.

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