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Professional Services

The professional services sector is undergoing sustainability-driven transformation. Firms are taking the issue increasingly seriously, while clients and stakeholders want them to do a lot more than they have been. In order to attract clients and recruit the best talent, your firm must now have environmental credibility – and needs to step up its sustainability ambitions and reporting accordingly.

We can help your professional services firm move towards a net-zero carbon future in a way that will improve your brand reputation. We’re leading the way in sustainability for professional services. The first law firm to set a science-based target did it with Carbon Intelligence. We help your firm ‘walk the walk’ – and demonstrate to clients that you are taking action on sustainability. We can optimise your office spaces for energy efficiency and renewable energy options.

Even in buildings where you’re a tenant rather than an owner, we can help you make the landlords listen and act to support your sustainability initiative. We can analyse the carbon footprint of your firm’s travel and transport to cut emissions. Start with our 6D framework to create a sustainability matrix for your firm, showing peer-to-peer benchmarking. Then move ahead to set science-based targets, implement change and report for CDP, MER, SECR and more.

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We help you optimise the sustainability and performance of your company’s buildings.

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Professional Services Leader

Will Jenkins

Associate Director

Motivation for sustainability
The environmental issues we face are largely a result of the way that businesses operate. Rather than working in conservation, I decided to work with businesses to help them understand their impact and the positive role they can take in creating a more sustainable economy.

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