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Hotel & Leisure

After staff costs, energy is likely to be your biggest expense for your hotel and leisure business. At the same time, sustainability and reducing carbon emissions are becoming increasingly important factors in attracting customers. Plus, you need to ensure that you keep up with ever-changing environmental legislation. You want to drive down costs while ensuring a great customer experience – and achieving brand differentiation as a market leader in sustainability.

We can help you create and deliver sustainability initiatives that move you towards net-zero emissions – while also achieving significant cost savings by cutting energy usage across all your sites. We can help you understand and optimise the energy performance of your buildings. Large buildings, especially hotels, are using energy 24/7, and much of that usage often gets overlooked. We help you identify the issues and put a programme in place to help you improve.

Start with our strategic 6D framework review to identify gaps in your approach, then put a programme in place to achieve your sustainability ambitions. We understand your industry challenges and can work with you to turn sustainability into an opportunity by engaging with your staff, customers, and investors in a positive way. Our data and reporting give you transparency and control. While our optimisation services help you to create smart buildings that deliver on your vision.

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We help you optimise the sustainability and performance of your company’s buildings.

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Phil Warren

Associate Director

Motivation for sustainability
The reason I work for Carbon Intelligence is so I can work with some of the largest and most complex organisations in the UK to support them through a transition to a zero-carbon world.

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