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Webinar Recording | Using GRESB To Drive Your Net Zero Roadmap

Commercial Real Estate is turning net zero

The commercial real estate industry is fast turning their attention to net zero. 23 companies have already committed to targets and we expect this trend to continue. The credibility of your net zero strategy is crucial to achieving your targets and avoiding tarnishing your brand reputation. Watch this webinar to learn how the GRESB framework can help you drive a credible net zero roadmap in the commercial real estate sector.


Stay ahead

Investors will increasingly ask about GRESB and net zero. The time to act is now.

Set targets with confidence

Learn how to set achievable targets you can meet so you can answer questions from investors with confidence.

Stand up to scrutiny

Identify ways to make sure your net zero target stands up to scrutiny by media, investors and tenants.

GRESB and net zero


GRESB as a programme


Case studies

Understand how the GRESB framework makes it easier to create and manage a net zero strategy.
How GRESB annual cycles can be used to manage sustainability performance over time.
How different net zero strategies are taking off across the globe in the face of investor pressure.

Expert speakers

Sam Carson
Director of Sustainability, Carbon Intelligence
Roxana Isaiu
Director, ESG & Real Estate at GRESB
Kevin Kirby
Associate, Real Estate at GRESB

Watch the webinar now

Get the insights you need to into how GRESB can be used strategically to demonstrate the progress and performance of their ESG strategies.