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The Jockey Club

We helped this owner of over 15 UK racecourses significantly reduce energy usage by changing employee behaviours.

The organisation acting for the long-term good of British horse-racing has achieved impressive sustainability benefits.

saved since programme starting
tonnes of carbon saved

Racing to go green

The Jockey Club maintains a group of over 42 active and engaged Green Champions. A detailed and interactive Toolkit was developed by Carbon Intelligence with guidance, tools and resources to support this role. Going Green is about making environmental management everyone’s responsibility. Employees are made aware of how they can help, using regular communications – posters, stickers, emails, and online content.

The mission

The Jockey Club’s mission is to act for the long-term good of British horseracing. In 2012 The Jockey Club launched the Going Green programme to significantly reduce their impact on the environment.

In the race to go green, two ambitious targets were set:

• Zero waste to landfill by 2020
• A 25% reduction in energy use

The opportunity

In 2012, Carbon Intelligence completed energy audits of all The Jockey Club’s racecourses. The audits revealed a clear opportunity to significantly reduce energy consumption by changing employee behaviours, particularly ensuring equipment was switched off after race days.

Process/key benefits

The following steps were taken to establish a behaviour change programme at The Jockey Club:



Surveys, workshops and, individual interviews promoted buy-in


42 committed Green Champions appointed to drive sustainability


Over 3,600 of tonnes of carbon saved and 21% reduction in energy consumption


In 2018 The Jockey Club stopped sending waste to landfill, two years before their target date. The programme has also prevented 4,870 tonnes of carbon being emitted and saved over £1.9 million through reductions in energy.


The direct outcome of the Going Green programme has seen a 21% reduction in energy consumption to date (based on 2017/18 energy data). Furthermore, through the joint work between The Jockey Club, it’s waste contractor and Carbon Intelligence, recycling rates have improved by 37% since 2011, with Carlisle racecourse hitting a 92% recycling rate. All remaining waste is sent to energy recovery.

Reduction in energy consumption
Recycling rate

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