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BNP Paribas Real Estate: Combining energy savings and tenant comfort

“The level of insight provided by the programme at Rex House allowed us to quickly achieve significant energy savings and has driven proactive maintenance to rectify site issues.”

– Edward Dowden, Technical Services Manager

annualised savings
reduction in electricity consumption

The Programme

Rex House was identified by BNP Paribas Real Estate, The Crown Estate and Carbon Intelligence as a site with significant potential to improve its energy and carbon performance.  A strategy was implemented to tune the energy performance of the building without reducing the quality of tenant experience, increasing its value within the St James portfolio as a result.

The Smart Building Insight Programme uses innovative smart building technology to drive energy savings through site optimisation. A core goal of the project is improved wellbeing across the site, and there has already been a reduction in complaints and site call outs.

The Process: Stage 1

We installed a Smart Building Gateway which fed back the Building Management System (BMS) data to Carbon Credentials’ online analytics platform, ADAPt. We were able to identify and implement a number of optimisation opportunities using a combination of machine learning and expert engineering analysis of all the site data. We were even able to implement some opportunities on day one of the programme.


The Process: Stage 2

Across Rex House’s seven floors it had been noted that conditions varied quite significantly, causing wellbeing and comfort issues in certain areas of the building. We installed 12 IoT sensors to monitor factors including CO2, temperature, humidity, light and motion.  These sensors highlighted variations including temperature spikes outside of the optimal comfort zone, CO2 reaching levels that could impact productivity and humidity levels that threaten wellbeing.

Key Benefits



reduction in electricity consumption


annualised savings


reduction in gas consumption

Beyond the asset

In addition to measurable energy savings the Smart Building Insight Programme had a positive impact on three core aspects of BNP Paribas Real Estates’ business: the brand, the people and the facilities.


Creation of best in class case study to support marketing and boost company image


Positive interactions with staff and tenants, increasing engagement and wellbeing


Evidence of operational opportunities and clear business cases for capital investment


Collaboration was key in driving the success of the programme and was ensured by parties from BNP Paribas Real Estate, NG Bailey and Carbon Credentials all working together and being aligned in their desired outcome of the programme. Through the data that was visualised on the ADAPT portal a number of energy savings were implemented across the site as well as driving investigations into site conditions.




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