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iQ Student Accommodation

We helped this accommodation group use data to inspire engagement, change behaviours and think green.

Driving engagement with company staff and student residents was vital.

students engaged
reduction in energy use

An integrated energy strategy

iQ’s vision is to build a world-class business, reimagining the student experience and giving students their best year yet. iQ is committed to doing their part to reduce their environmental footprint and to providing the younger generation of students with the tools and knowledge to do this.

The Challenge

In 2017 we built an energy strategy for iQ and began collating and reporting on iQ’s energy use to provide insight that would inform energy management activities. Building on the collation and reporting of iQ’s energy data, and a capital investment plan in energy efficiency technologies, Think Green, iQ’s staff and resident engagement programme was launched in May 2018. The programme set out to encourage staff and students to take action to save energy.

Process/key benefits



100% of trial participants agreed they now have sufficient access to data.


Energy reduction through the Christmas Switch Off.


100% of trial participants now discuss energy management on a monthly basis.

TakeawaysSeeing green insights from data

iQ’s energy data is collated and reported via ADAPT, our in-house data platform. During the roll out all Operations Managers received platform training and were taught how to interpret and use the data to inform action. The data and reporting programme is crucial to motivate changes in behaviour and understand what’s going on at multiple sites. Clear and visual reports allow impact to be measured and areas for improvement to be identified.

Embracing sustainability

Prior to the roll out a workshop was held with all iQ’s Heads of Operation. Feedback was positive and support from the operations team has been vital to the success of the programme. When working on this programme, Carbon Intelligence was inspired by the ambition of everyone across all levels at iQ to make a positive impact. The programme has shone the light on iQ’s commitment to being green, and the hard work that is being undertaken to make sure iQ sites are as environmentally friendly as possible.

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