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We helped this satellite communications organisation manage GHG reporting for easier compliance.

Bringing more efficient data management for sustainability to a global organisation.

international offices reporting improved

Better reporting through data management

As an industry leader and pioneer in mobile satellite communications, Inmarsat has been powering global connectivity for more than three decades. In recent years, understanding the environmental impact of its activities has become increasingly important to the business. Inmarsat discloses its greenhouse gas emissions in its annual report, participated in the now ended CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and voluntarily responds to CDP’s Climate Change Investor Request.

The problem

While its energy consumption is on a par, per person, with other telecoms companies, Inmarsat still recognises that an efficient approach to data management is key to monitoring and managing its consumption. However, with offices in over 20 countries worldwide, capturing the data in a timely and cost-effective manner required the company to carefully consider how best to monitor their energy use at site-level and report its global carbon footprint.


Having already worked with Carbon Intelligence on a range of compliance requirements, Inmarsat appointed them to manage and report on its emissions in alignment with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard. Inmarsat liked the enthusiastic approach that our team had taken to previous projects and was confident that we would provide a solution to fit its needs. Carbon Intelligence used the data collected to calculate Inmarsat’s greenhouse gas emissions to the GHG Protocol standard, which was disclosed in the company’s annual report.

Process/key benefits

Managing Inmarsat’s greenhouse gas impact globally through the data managed service with Carbon Intelligence has allowed the business to remove risk of non-compliance to mandatory CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and GHG reporting – and report greenhouse gas emissions with confidence.



Confidence for mandatory CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and GHG reporting


Readily submit GHG emissions figures to the CDP and other initiatives


Improve communication with international offices order to lower the company’s energy consumption as a whole


During the implementation stage, Carbon Intelligence:

• Liaised with Inmarsat employees worldwide to confirm emissions sources at each site and develop rapport with individual data providers.

• Built relationships with international suppliers in order to access energy data in the most direct manner possible.

• Collected and stored data in a central repository for straightforward access, analysis and reporting.


Carbon Intelligence’s experience with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol was invaluable to ensuring that all energy and emissions data were captured and reported in the correct manner. The relationships built during the implementation stage will ensure an even easier reporting process in the coming years, as well as helping with new compliance programmes such as ESOS in the UK.

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