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Your data holds the key to a more sustainable future

Data is at the heart of everything we do. 

Our platform, ADAPT, holds all of your data in one place, giving you visibility of your company’s energy consumption and carbon emissions. We use data visualisation, benchmarking and machine learning to identify opportunities that will drive change. Technology and our expertise will give you the confidence that underpins effective decision-making. 

From the boiler room to the boardroom, our technology will support your business transition to a zero carbon future. 



Smart building data


Automated data feeds

across 60 countries
1 million
data points
a day
45,000 buildings
We manage 11 million lines of data for 45,000 buildings from over 60 countries.
1 million data points
Automated data feeds deliver 1 million data points from across the world into our platform.

Technology in action


Buildings optimisation

Our secure, non-invasive technology continuously monitors key performance data across your entire building portfolio, helping you to understand and optimise energy performance to create an enhanced environment.

Data entry

Our team maintains the dataset and using our technology, you, your tenants or suppliers are able to upload data too.

Data visualisation

Interactive charts and dashboards display company energy consumption and carbon emissions, so that you can see progress over time.