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Explore every dimension of your sustainability performance

Put your sustainability programme to the test with our six dimensions assessment – and accelerate your transformation.

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Take our six dimensions sustainability assessment

Want to build a clear and succinct picture of how your business is performing against six core dimensions of sustainability? Take our simple 5-minute questionnaire to uncover revealing insights into the state of your organisation’s sustainability direction, governance, data, engagement, performance and reporting.

Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll be rated in one of five categories, either as a sustainability Leader, Rising Star, Dabbler, Straggler or Procrastinator. Whatever your current category, you’ll receive next-step recommendations on how to accelerate your sustainability transformation - all in a free personalised report. Plus, you’ll get a rating for each of the six dimensions, measured against results in your sector, to help you identify current areas of strengths and weaknesses.

6 Dimensions
18 Questions
5 Minutes

Get to know the six dimensions framework


Consider what a low-carbon future looks like for your organisation – and the strategic roadmap you’ll need to realise your vision.


Take a closer look at the framework your company needs to ensure a successful implementation of sustainability initiatives across your business.


Explore the quality of your sustainability-related data and the level of trust employees show in using it to inform decision-making.


Examine the ways in which your organisation engages employees and stakeholders with your sustainability strategy – and inspires action.


Assess the current performance of your buildings and facilities – and how you’re using data and technology to drive improvements.


Review your commitment to sustainability compliance and transparency through the use of mandatory and voluntary reporting requirements.

Rather than working in conservation, I decided to work with businesses to help them understand their impact and the positive role they can take in creating a more sustainable economy. “

Will Jenkins, Associate Director

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